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Forced Boys

True nature of gay violence

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November 08 2008
Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 10:16 ]
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Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 10:12 ]
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He doesn't want to be raped, but since he has no choice he may as well enjoy it! His rapist was a hot guy who knew how to fuck, so what the heck? This rape victim was a little scared at having someone force themselves on him, but he wasn't so scared that he would risk his life fighting this guy off! Ryan knew someone had been following him, but he hadn't expected this one to pull him into the shadows and demand that he suck their dick!
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Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 10:09 ]
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The victim just so happens to be hot for a good fucking, so when the time came that he was kidnapped and raped at gunpoint, he couldn't have been happier! Sure this victim couldn't be sure that his rapist wasn't going to kill him afterwards, but while he was being fucked he didn't care! This gay boy is hot and hungry to feel a hard piece of man-meat clog his throat! How does he go about getting the chance to suck off a stud? By allowing a rapist to take him by force! So this sex-starved fellow did all he could but beg thugs to fuck him as he prowled the mean streets of the city. Eventually a brutal rapist found him, and the fucking he gave this gay boy was wilder and more savage than he ever dreamed! He didn't know what to do about the fiend stalking him. Does he run from this incredibly hot guy or does he give in and allow himself to be fucked senseless! He's leaning towards the latter because he's more horny than terrified and sexually lust ALWAYS wins out over fright! He'll allow this rapist to have him any way and for as long as he wants!
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Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 10:07 ]
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This boy finds out the hard way when a depraved, perverted thug invades his home and forces him to suck his cock or pay the price! This masked malevolent marauder wants to have this boy every which-way and he gets him. The poor victim begs and screams as he is dually assaulted by blissful pleasure and the most agonizing pain! This rapist wants to fuck the brains out of a defenseless gayboy : and he takes steps to do just that! He stalks his pray : follows him home : then pounces on him. Holding a knife to his throat he demands that the young man give up his ass or get a bloody new smile! Of course the gayboy complies. Not because he's frightened. But rather because he thinks his rapist is so damn hot! He's got it in his mind that he wants a nice bubble-butt to fuck! He spots his victim and immediately decides to take him by force.
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Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 10:03 ]
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He didn't know what to do but surrender to the power of this maniac who has invaded his home. And this maniac isn't intent on pilfering material things either. No, he's after this poor guy's manhood and he's going to get it! With savage brutal strength, this thug forces a gayboy to take his dick up his ass. The pitiful boy's pleading and crying means nothing to a robbing rapist hellbent with lust! This savage brute is forcing this gayboy into a position he never thought he'd be in against his will! He's bent over and having a fat, pulsating dick rammed up his rectum and there's nothing he can do about it except scream! And even those who hear his screams won't help, for they can hear, mixed in with the agony, the distinct sound of pleasure! What's it like to be taken against your will and forced to suck and be fucked?
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